Dabble Labs partners with Pocket for Developer Education content.

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Nov 21, 2023
Dabble Labs partners with Pocket for Developer Education content.

A key initiative for Pocket Network is developer experience. Pocket SDKs and Plugins are designed to create a simple process for developers to connect their builds with node infrastructure so they can request, retrieve, and store the data necessary for providing their users with blockchain-enabled applications. Pocket has teamed up with Dabble Lab to produce educational materials for the developer community that will bring Pocket’s open source code to life through a robust developer portal of referential material.Dabble Lab is a professional development workshop with expertise in providing customized solutions that get businesses the absolute most utility out of their software tools. Our collaboration will yield an abundance of educational resources such as SDK tutorials, and proof-of-concept application walkthroughs. The goal is to facilitate developer onboarding by establishing a strong and extensible knowledge base for Pocket SDKs, Plugins, and example applications that utilize the Pocket network., Steve Tingiris of Dabble Lab hosted some tutorial sessions focused on creating a client-side AION wallet using Pocket software tools for both Android and iOS builds.We have now focused on the delivery of Pocket Developer Portal.In the coming weeks we, with the help of Dabble Labs will include another Example DApp(that’s not Monster Chase!) Pocket Chat, as well as walkthrough videos for the Pocket Core MVP release.Expect more educational content to come your way regularly that focus on making the process of using Pocket SDKs more straightforward for your software applications.Originally published at on April 10, 2019.

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