New Partnership with OnFinality: Opening Doors to New Ecosystems

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Nov 15, 2023
New Partnership with OnFinality: Opening Doors to New Ecosystems

We are excited to share the news of Pocket Network Inc.'s (PNI) new partnership with OnFinality! OnFinality is a multi-chain infrastructure service supporting numerous Layer 1 ecosystems such as Avalanche, Ethereum, Polkadot and Cosmos. Our two-way partnership is part of a broader strategy to collaborate with other providers within the blockchain infrastructure ecosystem. The partnership is set to bring significant benefits to both of our teams.

The Partnership: Now and Looking Forward

As part of our partnership, OnFinality will be sending traffic through to Pocket Network nodes for chains such as Fantom and others right out of the gate. OnFinality will benefit from the reliability, scalability, and decentralization that Pocket Network provides with a wide range of supported chains, as our network is currently integrated with 43 blockchains.

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In this initial phase of the partnership, OnFinality will be focusing on leveraging Pocket Network’s existing chains (non-Polkadot related). This will help add to the strength of their service. Looking forward beyond this initial phase, one of the key benefits of this partnership is that it will also help Pocket Network Inc. spin up new chain infrastructure and add new integrations for Polkadot chains at a faster pace.

Opening Doors into Polkadot

OnFinality supports almost 70 networks and parachains. They have established themselves as the leading blockchain API and dedicated node infrastructure provider in the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems. By leveraging OnFinality’s expertise in this ecosystem, and putting those learnings into use in our own network, we’ll be able to ensure that Pocket Network provides an even wider range of access to the types of chains developers want to build on with scalable and high-performing infrastructure.

Cultural Alignment for Unstoppable Blockchain Infrastructure

On top of all this, having spoken numerous times recently and live at ETHDenver, we believe that the cultures of both Pocket Network and OnFinality communities are strongly aligned. We are both aimed at putting developers first and enabling unstoppable infrastructure for web3 access. This gives us another reason to be so excited about these two communities coming together.

At Pocket Network, we are committed to building reliable decentralized infrastructure for all of web3. We're looking forward to this ongoing partnership with OnFinality!

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