AVM Android Integration is live for Aion Network

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Nov 21, 2023
AVM Android Integration is live for Aion Network

The Pocket team loves celebrating with its peers when they reach their goals, and recently the Aion project has set foot beyond a very special milestone. Doing their part to diminish the gap between mainstream developers and decentralized applications, Aion has successfully forked and expanded upon the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), to create the AION Virtual Machine (AVM).For developers, this means that they can create and deploy Java smart contracts to the Aion network. For Pocket to keep up with the times while enabling developers to connect any app with any blockchain on any device, we have integrated this feature in the Pocket Android to make it easier to interact with your Java contract.Having previously received a grant from AION , Pocket developed mobile SDKs in realizing Monster Chase . Both projects lean deliberately toward facilitating the adoption of both users and developers alike. The AVM will introduce the uninitiated to DApp development and ease the transition into censorship-resistant networks into everyday mobile use.We are happy to continue to build our partnership with the Aion network and team.If you are curious about what the Aion team is working on lately, check out this latest post from TechCrunch talking about the AVM and their recent listing by Microsoft Azure.

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