8 Key Research Pieces on Pocket Network

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Nov 20, 2023
8 Key Research Pieces on Pocket Network

Pocket Network’s innovative, decentralized approach to Web3 infrastructure, combined with its mutually beneficial tokenomics structure, has attracted many of the best crypto research and venture capital firms to share their thoughts and analysis. Discover the highlights from some of the top research pieces published about Pocket to date, and learn how its node infrastructure solution is changing the game.

Top Research Pieces About Pocket Network

Some of the best research articles and reports on Pocket Network include:

Here are some of the top takeaways from this extensive research into Pocket Network.

A Special Solution in the Web3 Infrastructure Space

Republic's primer covers how Pocket Network has designed a decentralized solution for Web3 data challenges, while detailing how the protocol works and the influence of $POKT in the economic formula.Their primer framed the key elements that make Pocket’s solution unique for nodes and applications:

  • A decentralized and democratic ecosystem facilitated in part by the Pocket DAO
  • A censorship-resistant and egalitarian solution
  • A model that moves away from fixed monthly fees, and makes infrastructure an owned asset instead
  • A privacy-focused protocol
  • Wide support for 50+ blockchains

Pocket is becoming a premier, decentralized Web3 infrastructure provider based on these attributes.If you’re new to Pocket, check out this research piece from Messari for another great resource to learn more about how nodes and applications can flourish while abiding by true Web3 principles.In the same report, Messari covered everything from Pocket’s inception to the future v1 updates, while highlighting some of the data relay statistics and monetary evolutions behind Pocket’s growth.

Why is Pocket’s Approach so Crucial for the Future of Web3?

Until Pocket, applications wanting to connect with blockchain data had to rely upon centralized services, diminishing the decentralized component of their DApps that they would prefer to strive for. This situation creates a paradox: How can a DApp not be decentralized from its core?Pocket establishes itself as the missing piece between applications and blockchain data, as a truly decentralized connector with an attractive cost structure linked to $POKT-based growth.Pocket’s design and streamlined strategy for integrating more blockchains, via enabling easy onboarding, have been key factors for its growth. You can discover more about the need for a solution like this from the Web3 Index research.In a similar vein, Deribit Insights’ research spotlights how Pocket works as the connecting piece between the non-blockchain and the blockchain worlds. Deribit explores a “Middleware Thesis” covering the importance of decentralized services that connect different layers in crypto, boost efficiency for applications, and link every component in the ecosystem (apps, users, and data).More recently, Delphi Digital called Pocket “the decentralized marketplace for blockchain connectivity.” The Web3 space needs to fulfill its claims of an open economy, worthwhile rewards and incentives for users, and distributed infrastructure - Pocket enables this.

Tokens and Growth Linked at Every Step of the Way

A key factor that allows Pocket’s protocol to connect stakeholders in the Web3 space is how the $POKT token ties to the growth of the protocol, and what that means for all participants (e.g. nodes, the Pocket DAO, applications, and the broader community).Recently, Messari highlighted how Web3 protocols like Pocket issue tokens based on real adoption. The potential of Web3 infrastructure providers is outstanding, given their novelty and the revenue of their Web2 counterparts as a baseline for addressable market.It is this positive growth outlook for Web3 that is leading VC firms like Eden Block to invest in infrastructure providers like Pocket. Investments and collaborations like these have the power to shape the sector going forward.Research of this sort is a vibrant area in crypto, and Pocket is looking forward to collaborating and promoting more resources to help educate a broader audience about the potential of (and need for) Web3 infrastructure. We are looking forward to analysts and researchers continuing to explore the many facets of the ecosystem, including via access to public data tools like POKTscan to boost new analysis with specific metrics.

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