Pocket partners with Tezos Foundation.


Accepted into the first Cohort of Tezos Ecosystem Grant program, Pocket will create the tools for Mobile and Web developers to build truly decentralized applications for Tezos.   


Today’s announcement shows Pocket taking another confident stride forward, having been selected as 1 of 4 to receive a grant from the Tezos Foundation, within their first cohort, to allow DApps to interact with the Tezos platform completely decentralized from device to blockchain!

Grant funds will be used to develop key infrastructure tools and Pocket SDK plugins which will simplify DApp development and provide infrastructure resiliency while saving developers time and resources. Pocket’s simple in-platform interface will multiply the inherent value of each and every project using the Tezos network. Pocket will place specific tools within immediate reach — all while maintaining complete decentralization for the participants.

The Pocket SDKs for Node.js, iOS, and Android, are powerful tools for ensuring DApps interface with blockchain nodes while remaining decentralized. Pocket first showcased this by releasing Monster Chase, the first mobile DApp to be fully decentralized from phone to blockchain. With Tezos plugins for the Pocket SDKs, Tezos DApps will have the same capabilities. By making Tezos DApp development easier, Pocket hopes to drive new projects to the Tezos ecosystem.

Not only will this partnership benefit developers, but also Tezos node owners. Anyone running a Tezos node can generate revenue via Pocket. Each time a Tezos DApp interfaces with a Tezos node on the Pocket Network, that node receives a reward via POKT, which will be released next year. Pocket has designed this decentralized infrastructure solution to support the economic sustainability and monetary value to Tezos node owners.

In addition to the fundamental plugins, Pocket will also create tutorials and walkthrough videos to ensure all barriers are fully eliminated. The conviction that developers need the shortest possible distance between their idea and its implementation is just as important as the code.

The grant not only validates the premise upon which Pocket was founded (Sustainable decentralization of full node infrastructure), it also provides the onramps for rapid iterations within the blockchain space as a whole. Tezos stakeholders of every stripe are the benefactors: development teams and Tezos nodes alike stand to experience a vast expansion in utility.

Tezos and other significant projects in the space have provided an opportunity for Pocket to establish yet-unrealized connectivity and models the supportive and cooperative initiative that will be required to establish a global, decentralized crypto-economy.

The excitement continues building for the Pocket team, however, credit and success are best when shared with like-minded entities which strive to build under a shared ethos. Pocket plans to have Tezos fully supported on the Pocket Network through the Pocket Core MVP phase and beyond the Mainnet release.

To engage with the Pocket Core MVP release, set up a Pocket Node (in preparation for Tezos interface) and develop cool DApps on decentralized infrastructure sign up through this page here.