Pocket Network Whitepaper Release

Pocket Network Whitepaper V 0.3.0 Release


What is Pocket Network? 

Pocket is a distributed network that relays data requests and responses to and from any blockchain system while rewarding the participating nodes with the native cryptographic token “POKT”. 

Key Takeaways applied from Pocket Core MVP: 

After the MVP launch back in February, Pocket has gained deeper insights into what is needed for efficient node deployments as well as achieving network consensus. 

Another key insight that has been applied is a way in which Pocket can give our developers more freedom on how they want to build their application(speed and security). 

With that being said, we are pleased to announce the release of our new whitepaper that will dive into the new network architecture, economics, security, and governance.  


Before, when an application sent a relay request to write data to the blockchain a Pocket  “Service Node” would send the signed request and response to the application and Validator Set. Then four Validator Node would do a cross-check to review the signed request and data from the Service Node and application. This is to check for correctness and integrity. 

Now, Developers have more freedom to choose how they would want to configure(or optimize) their application. As mentioned before, correctness and integrity checks were done by a randomly selected validator set. 

If you want to optimize your application for security, it can be done via client-side validation. This means, when the application receives the responses from the five service nodes, the application can choose the majority answer, and start a challenging process to penalize the misbehaving node.  

Node Operator:

Previously, the nodes that were supporting the network were broken up into three categories: Dispatcher, Service, and Validator Nodes. If a node operator is running a Service Node and wanted to become a Validator, they would then have build Karma, a sort of reputation in the network, in order to become a Validator Node.

Now, we have combined the Dispatch and Service Nodes into one instance by adding them as roles within a single node and eliminated the Validator Node through client-side validation scheme. See model below:


These are just a few of the tweaks and enhancements from the Pocket Core MVP experience that have been used to update the Pocket Core architecture. 

Where can I read the Whitepaper? 

You can read the updated whitepaper here. 


The architecture outlined in the whitepaper will be used to implement the Pocket Core Testnet and Mainnet. 

Below are the tentative dates for each release.  


Pocket Core Testnet – February 3rd, 2020

Pocket Core Mainnet – May the 4th, 2020


To stay up to date with Pocket Network’s progression join any or all of these three channels. 

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