Pocket Network Update


Pocket Network has been traveling well lately. Our mission is to build a decentralized network of incentivized nodes, along with blockchain software tools for developers. This autumn, the team continued spreading the word through presentations, live demonstrations, and active participation at various conferences and meetups all around the world.

Latin American Presence

Blockchain summit Bogota 2018: Enthusiasts primarily from South America gathered alongside folks from the rest of the world in Bogota, Colombia for the blockchain summit. Pocket Network sponsored the hackathon and Pabel held a webinar for interested participants. (You can check out the full video en Español, right here: WEBINAR DAPPS WITH PABEL.)

Our purpose was to inform developers about Pocket Network toolsets. One of the teams even chose to utilize Pocket tools during the hackathon!

PYME week Santo Domingo: Luis Correa presented a 2-day workshop focused on teaching developers how to build their own decentralized applications using Ethereum smart contracts. As an example, he showcased a Tamagochi-like program deployed as a decentralized application powered by Pocket’s web3-pocket-provider. (You can check out a brief highlight video en Español, right here: WEBINAR DAPPS WITH LUIS.)

Meanwhile, Back in the States

Miami, FL: Andrew, Valeria, and Tracie participated in Unbound Miami, a festival that serves as an innovative hub for companies with a passion for disruptive technology. As a unique startup at the event, our team hit the ground running as a go-to blockchain company. We provided consultation, and engaged with people ranging from iOS developers, to venture capitalists.

During the 2 day event, we successfully communicated our vision to individuals in different cross-sections of the tech industry. Many participants took great interest in the blockchain aspect that Pocket Network brought to the conference. Mobile-app developers with a curiosity for decentralized applications were piqued by our proof of concept- Banano Quest, while FinTech developers saw the potential for POKT tokens as an incentive mechanism for services backed by a proof-of-stake blockchain.

The Pocket team intends to maintain a strong presence at tech-conferences such as this, to stay current with innovation trends, and push our ideas into the emerging technology marketplace.

St. Petersburg, FL: On October 30, Luis Correa provided an overview of Pocket Network’s vision and toolsets via conference call for an RChain meetup in downtown St. Pete. The majority of the participants on hand possessed experiences working on blockchain projects locally, and abroad. In his presentation, Luis identified numerous difficulties that exist in the current decentralized application space including time consumption for onboarding developers, and inherent throughput issues, and early-stage lack of robust documentation with current solutions.

The path for mass adoption of dApps relies on streamlined access for developers node infrastructure for data, and blockchain-supported toolsets for their builds. These abstractions will allow projects to expend less energy on tedious details, and focus more on refining fantastic user experiences. Pocket Network’s core ethos revolves around working diligently to unlock this potential for the world to realize more fluid investment and application opportunities through decentralized applications.

In Europe at Devcon 4

Prague, Czech Republic: Michael made the trek to Prague to participate in Devcon 4, the world’s largest Ethereum developer conference. It’s gotten so large now (over 3,000) people, that many other blockchains and protocols participate as well. One of the constant things we heard in Prague was the need for a “decentralized Infura”. Michael participated in the MetaCartel working group on incentivizing relayers, because this is a definite problem with meta transactions that Pocket aims to solve.

We spoke to many companies and projects who are interested in being a part of the Pocket ecosystem, including AION, Nodesmith, Celer Network, and Status. We’re excited to be announcing some partnerships in the coming weeks as a result of going to Devcon!