Pocket Network- October 2018 Update



Greetings from the Pocket team! We have some announcements about our progress we’re excited to share with you:

  • Banano Quest has made it to private invite beta-testing! More information surrounding future releases is coming soon. Our vision is that Banano Quest will set a strong example as a proof of concept for prospective developers looking to utilize Pocket Network software tools to onboard their DApps and join the future of blockchain-driven gaming. Learn More.
  • Pocket Network’s main website, pokt.network has been revamped. The latest update reflects the project’s current status and available resources. You can find our mission statement, documentation, contact information, official White Paper, and 1 Pager all in one place.
  • We launched the Ethereum Pocket Node at https://ethereum.pokt.network an endpoint for quick and easy access to the Ethereum Network using our newly built Web3 PocketProvider that allows anyone to communicate with decentralized applications on Ethereum! Learn More.
  • Pocket Network’s AWS infrastructure set up is open-source. If you’re interested in spinning up your own node, you can do so by following our step-by-step GitHub guide. Learn More.
  • Dive into the discussion! The Pocket team now has a forum dedicated to research. Sign up to post issues, make comments, and engage in the discourse surrounding Pocket Network in real time. Learn More.

As the light at the end of the tunnel approaches for a busy 2018, we are grateful for the tremendous progress we have made as a team, and look forward to finishing the year strong. Expect more updates, discussion, and releases for the entire Pocket Network ecosystem, and be on the lookout for our blockchain platform collaborations to grow, including work with RChain (rchain.pokt.network) on the way soon!

Ways in which you can help or find out more about us: