Pocket Network joins FIO

Pocket Network becomes FIO Affiliate Member to continue commitment to user adoption.


Today brings exciting news everyday users closer to an optimal experience managing digital assets. Pocket Network is taking on an affiliate membership role with FIO, a protocol aimed at establishing interoperability between blockchain wallets! 

Uniformity brings familiarity — and this eventually results in significant confidence among users. With the FIO protocol’s human-readable addresses (which you can create yourself), the cumbersome character strings oh-so-familiar to enthusiasts are completely abstracted away. Also gone is the stress of checking for copy/paste accuracy and the uncertainty around whether you’ve selected the intended recipient!

FIO accomplishes this by allowing for users to name the accounts of integrated wallets, and the result is remarkably similar to creating and sharing an email address. Additionally, metadata can be associated with a transaction on the protocol layer (which avoids adding this information to the blockchain transaction itself). 

The FIO protocol’s goals are strongly aligned with that of Pocket Network’s as both are working consistently toward bringing maximum simplicity to the average user. For a demonstration of the FIO protocol in action, check out this video sending a transaction from BRD wallet to Coinomi.

Pocket Network is in good company with ShapeShift, Portis, KeepKey and Coinomi (among others) who are supporting the FIO protocol. As an affiliate member, Pocket Network will have the opportunity to collaborate on the protocol’s development, pre-register domains and potentially convert to full membership down the road.

Steady progress in reaching a straightforward user experience is key in bringing the digital marketplace to mainstream users. The FIO protocol is a huge step in this direction and places simplicity in managing digital assets directly into the hands of the users. Pocket Network’s affiliation with FIO parallels this massive win by enabling those same users to connect any app to any blockchain on any device.

FIO also streamlines the steps required to make crypto payments. Instead of having to stand at a cash register and typing in the store’s address, putting in the exact amount, and then double checking before pushing send… FIO allows the store to send you an instant request for payment to your phone for you to simply push “accept”. The receipt is recorded to that payment process on the FIO protol which is encrypted for privacy, so only you can see it.  Not only are they simplifying wallet address, but also making it possible to have your receipts for each payment stored on-chain! 

We are truly excited to see what the future will bring for this new collaboration.