Pocket Core MVP 1.6 Update! New Features and Education


Pocket has completed the MVP-1.6 release of the Pocket Core software which comes with several enhancements.

The first enhancement is that all of the service nodes now support CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing).

This will enable client-side web applications to be able to communicate with any Service Node.

Our other enhancements are for our node operators who are using Docker to set up a Service Node. The main update eliminates the cmd.sh which now only requires you to use environment variables to configure your Pocket Container.

With MVP-1.6 you can now declare parameters to configure your Pocket container on the command line.

During this process, we wanted to make deploying pocket-core easier by creating different deployment files that can be configured and initialized by using docker-compose.  

In addition to adding docker-compose, we made the lighter and more dynamic, by removing a lot of C packages, which shrunk the file size from 400 to 250 mb.

All of the new information regarding nodes can be found through the following link on the developer portal. https://docs.pokt.network/docs/service-nodes-overview

In addition to these new code updates, we’ve made some enhancements to the developer portal.

We’ve added walkthrough video playlists for connecting to Ethereum or AION for the major platforms iOS, Android and JavaScript. We’ve also added tutorials for an example DApp “Pocket Chat” a decentralized “Whats App.”

Here you can find the walkthrough videos


And here you can find the tutorials for the example DApp “Pocket Chat” https://docs.pokt.network/docs/building-pocket-chat

Thank you to all the Pocket Core MVP contributors who helped us improve our codebase, developer documentation, and pushing our infrastructure to the max.

Many Thanks.