Pocket Bogota Release 0.2



This is an incremental release for us this month. We’ve got some Dashboard improvements along with a release of the first API to get information for available nodes. To find out more about what Pocket Network is, please visit our website, check out our introductory blog post and our mobile vision blog post.

On to the updates:


  • Code refactor
  • Metamask network detection
  • NodeRegistryAPI Contract address for supported networks
  • Multiple fixes for owner and public Nodes retrieval

Relay Node:

  • Released pocket-api, a new application to have RESTful endpoint to get information from the Pocket Network
  • Deployed rinkeby.pokt.network, which is pocket-api talking to our contracts on the Rinkeby testnet.
  • Smart contract fixes and improvements, including the ability to edit a Node’s Endpoint URL.

We’ve also released a guide on how to set up your own node on AWS once you’ve registered through the registry contract. You can read that here. First one is RED and the next one will be BLUE.. ;). In the coming months we’ll make this even easier by creating a Docker container so you don’t have to go through this painful AWS process to setting up your own node. Our main priority for everything we build is to *decrease* the friction for anyone to participate in the Pocket Network and the greater blockchain economy.

Upcoming for the next release: We are excited to have the first version of our iOS SDK ready to speak to the network. You can see its progress here.

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