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Earn rewards for decentralizing Web3's access point to blockchain data.


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What does running a
Pocket Node mean?


Running a Pocket Network node means contributing to the decentralization of Web3 infrastructure, adding to the resiliency of the blockchain networks that we support, and playing a crucial part in servicing the growing data needs of Web3.

Our nodes service API requests, or “Relays,” from Web3 applications. Applications submit data requests in the form of Relays, and Pocket nodes service and validate these Relays on the appropriate blockchains.

Node runners act as the supply-side in our network, providing decentralized and globally distributed service for the data demands of applications.


Node Economics and Incentives


When nodes relay blockchain data to dApps, they receive rewards in our native utility token - $POKT. This incentivizes a truly decentralized network of RPC nodes to service dApps with maximum uptime and resiliency.


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Setting up Pocket Nodes

We have created a step-by-step tutorial on how to get your node up and running as quickly as possible with minimal hassle.


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Not ready to run your own nodes? Explore node-hosting services.