MVP 1.7 Update


Pocket has completed the MVP-1.7 release of the Pocket Core software which comes with several enhancements/modifications as well as new integrations for notable projects aligned with the vision for decentralized infrastructure.

Firstly, we have made modifications to the chains.json file for when you setup your Service node. You no longer need to define the medium or port parameters to make the configuration easier. To learn more, about this change, view our newly released changelog.

We have released the DAppNode package for any DAppNode user to set up and connect to the Pocket Network. To learn how to set up and configure your DAppnode visit the DAppNode Setup section of the developer portal.   

Pocket network has supported the Aion blockchain for some time. As some of you may have heard, the Aion network team has released their AVM(Aion Virtual machine) which allows developers to deploy and interact with Java smart contracts on their network. To keep up with the times, we have enhanced the Pocket Android plugin to be AVM compatible. You can find this update in the “Connect to AION” section of the developer portal. 

As a result of the recent Grant from the Tezos foundation and diligence that followed, Pocket MVP-1.7 officially supports Tezos and REST API calls on the network. Note* the plugins have yet to be released though and will come up in subsequent sprint updates. 

Outside of the Pocket Core MVP-1.7 update, our custom plugins for Pocket Core SDKs are getting a facelift. Now that the Pocket Network supports REST API calls, we have updated Pocket Swift and Pocket JS to support REST, with Pocket Android on the way!