Pocket is building a decentralized network of full blockchain nodes that developers can seamlessly access through custom plugins.

Any plugin can be created independently and supported individually as a NPM package. Each Pocket Node operator can choose the blockchain-specific plugins they wish to support.

spin up your own node

write your own Plugin

Spin up your own node

The Pocket Node plugin system enables support for decentralized networks through an easy configuration to “Relay Nodes” that coordinate transactions between applications and blockchains. Each Plugin can be created independently and supported individually as an NPM package.

The 3 Step Process:

  1. Install Pocket Node
  2. Install Network Plugins (ETH, etc.)
  3. Start your Pocket Node.

Write your own Plugin

A Pocket Node Plugin has 4 parts: A configuration object, a plugin definition function, a transaction submission function, a query execution function. To learn more, read through Pocket’s Github.


  1. Read our Pocket Plugin guide.
  2. Create your plugin to connect to the blockchain of your choice.
  3. Publish your plugin to NPM.