Connecting DApps to AION, Made Simple

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We are proud to announce our partnership with AION network through the AION grant program.

This article will give you an overview of AIONs vision that we share, as well as a description of what you can do today, and the coming weeks with the Android & IOS Plugins built for the Pocket SDKs.

To jump straight to coding, visit the AION Tutorial page.

The Vision | An Approachable App Platform. 

While most blockchain technologies are innovating in the areas of privacy, speed, security, and scalability the future requires capabilities for interoperability and most importantly, usability. These are areas of development that both AION and Pocket are focused on.

AION, among other features, enables cross-blockchain data transfer while Pocket enables applications to easily interface with a blockchain.

As an application developer that is striving to make the most awesome product you can, you’ll need the freedom and tools to use whichever features best enable your ideal user experience, regardless of the cult of any one cryptocurrency.

AION and Pocket will help.

AION began with a vision to build a framework in which coders will be able to freely move value and data between networks, real-time. 

Infrastructure resilience is a critical piece for the sustainability of the ecosystem but both AION and Pocket also believe that new use cases will emerge through the interfacing of custom blockchains along with more robust app platforms.

The AION team has grown leaps and bounds from it’s earliest version and are gearing up to release their Virtual Machine, the AVM, while systematically designing a multi-chain framework, inter-chain communication protocol, token bridges, along with API’s compatible with major existing networks such as Ethereum.

Pocket compliments the AION vision nicely as we have enabled mobile development for IOS and Android by creating AION plugins for our Mobile SDKs.

Pocket Network is a data relay infrastructure designed so that developers can connect to the blockchain of their choice without the necessity of running & maintaining the node. We say “necessity” because, of course, you can still run your own infrastructure if you choose. There are no lockouts with Pocket or AION.

By running a POKT node (referred to as “Relay Nodes”), you will be able to configure and service any blockchain through our simple plugin/SDK system. Anyone can independently create a plugin as an NPM package for networks that are currently not supported.


Using the Android & IOS plugins.    

The Android & IOS plugins for AION allow for any application developer to connect easily to a POKT node that is configured to the AION network.

Because of that connection you can create and/or import an AION wallet, send transactions, and query objects from AION through the Pocket Network.

A Transaction, in this context, refers to any calls that alter the state of the network: sending AION from one account to another, calling a smart contract, etc.

A Query, in this context, refers to any calls that read data from the current state of the network: Getting an account balance, reading from a smart contract, etc.

We encourage mobile devs to play with the Pocket Mobile SDKs to create custom plugins, and add functionalities that may bring more value to your application. We have a backlog full and plan to continue development as well as involve the community through open-source initiatives.

Using AION

Today with AION you can start building and deploying dApps using the AION tool guides for partners TitanSuite, Nodesmith, Blockdameon, and AIWA.

To demonstrate Pocket and AION functionality. We are creating a proof-of-concept Mobile App “Monster Chase”, in which you can walk through an AR world and catch monsters. The monsters are smart contract tokens on AION network. The app will be made public in the coming months. Sign up for our newsletter through the link at the bottom for updates on the Monster Chase app release as well as other Pocket Network news.

Looking ahead, AION has provided a high level roadmap for their approach to delivering multi-chain functionality through 3 mountainous releases Kilimanjaro, Denali, and Everest.  

You can read more about AION’s roadmap for the ecosystem in the documentation section of their website. (You’ve got to appreciate that disclaimer ;P)

Walkthrough videos, tutorials and links to docs can be found through our AION partner page.

In summary, because of the work by our teams at AION and POKT and with your help, we are well on the way to realizing a robust framework for decentralized application development.

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