About Pocket Network


The decentralized infra provider for Web3.

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Pocket Network's


To coordinate open access to the world's public data and empower anyone to provide unstoppable infrastructure.

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We are building
the future of Web3


If a dApp is running on a single service provider, it is just an app with extra steps. Pocket Network is decentralizing the infrastructure layer so that we can move further towards the shared Web3 vision of a more fair, resilient, and performant internet.

Our network unlocks new forms of value creation for node operators, and aligns their needs with developers’ and end users’ needs for data from public blockchain networks.

With the help of our community, we are building a future of Web3 in which no application, big or small, is subject to the pitfalls of Web2-oriented infrastructure.

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Defining quality.
Be undeniable.


The heart of Pocket Network can be encompassed with one phrase: Be Undeniable. In other words, “Be so good they can’t ignore you”. This northstar reflects the journey of Pocket Network to redefine the Web3 infrastructure landscape forever, and the team’s attitude towards the mission.


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We are a fast moving, collaborative, and free thinking team. We're united by our desire to fully decentralize Web3, build amazing products for our users, and create a diverse and welcoming workplace.


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