Pocket Network’s mission
is to coordinate open access to the world’s public data by empowering anyone to provide unstoppable infrastructure.

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“ Pocket was designed to be the most reliable and redundant full node network in the world."

Michael  O’Rourke - Pocket Network, Inc. CEO

We are building
The future of Web3

If it is running on a single service provider, it is just an app with extra steps. Pocket Network is tackling this problem at the full node layer so that the shared Web3 vision of a more fair, “censorship-resistant” internet can be protected and secured. We work day in and day out to unlock a new form of value creations for node operators that realigns their immediate needs with the long term health of public blockchain networks. Together with our community we aim to guarantee that no application, big or small, is subject to the pitfalls of Web2-like gatekeepers.

Defining quality.
Be Undeniable

The heart of Pocket Network can be encompassed with 1 phrase, Be Undeniable. In other words, “Be so good they can’t ignore you”. This northstar reflects the journey of Pocket Network to redefine the Web3 infrastructure landscape forever, and the team’s attitude towards the mission.  The values below provide more context and structure to this statement.
Pocket  Values

The Foundation

Support and drive the development of a self-sustainable ecosystem of tools, micro-communities, and applications built for, by and with the Pocket Network community. The Foundation is the meatspace extension of the Pocket DAO whose primary charge is to execute the will of the Pocket DAO and to regulate its interactions within the world as it is today, including navigating the legal and regulatory landscape surrounding blockchains and cryptocurrency.

The Network

Through countless design iterations, Pocket Network was created as an inclusive relay network for blockchain API requests, with a crypto-economic model for usage that minimizes costs for developers while passing the value directly on to the full node operators.

A decentralized application connected through Pocket will have their requests routed to available nodes pseudo-randomly, with 100% uptime.


In the spirit of progressive decentralization, we have designed and begun to cede ownership of operations to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Community members today can earn a vote in the Pocket DAO and have a say in the governance of the POKT Treasury, protocol upgrades and Ecosystem Development. Earn your vote by joining the Pocket Discord, participating honestly and then proofing your work as “quest-claims” in the achievement-unlocked channel.